A cooperative strategy game of protecting your forest home for 1-2 players. Players design their own pixies (full character creation) and then use them to play through the story of defending their forest home. The game is made up of several chapters that can be played through in order to complete the story mode (chapters can also be played individually). Each time pixies complete a chapter, they gain experience that they can use to gain new spells and abilities. Each chapter unlocks new spells, abilities, animal allies, and/or items that will help your pixies through future chapters. 

 Players will need to design well balanced characters and make smart and creative choices during play to complete the story and win!

 Chapters 1-2 are included with this base set. Chapters 3-6 are sold separately.

 Don't be fooled by the cute theme and art. This game has easy rules but it is challenging to get through the chapters! (chapter 1 and 2 can be solidly challenging but the difficulty really ramps up in later chapters)

Forest: Pixies (base game)


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