Limited re-release of Rabbit. Features all new wooden pieces, an improved rule book, and each set comes in a wooden case. 

Rabbit is a cooperative game for 1 player kind of a playable story.

 It is Spring and You are the leader of a herd of rabbits that needs to recover if it is to survive the next Winter. Your herd was once over twenty strong but disease and predators have brought you down to your last four rabbits. To make matters worse, humans and their machines have been approaching and your warren may be in grave danger.To win the game, you must have 12 or more Rabbits in play at the end of the last turn. Each game consists of 37 turns representing the weeks between Spring and Winter. You will need to make efficient use of your rabbits' abilities to Collect Food, Produce New Rabbits, and Explore New Areas if your herd is to survive.The challenge in Rabbit comes not from competition with other players but from the game itself. Rabbit can be enjoyed as a 1 player game or as a cooperative 2 player game. ( in a 2 player game, 1 player controls the Thinker and the other player controls Scouts and Fighters )


every copy is initialed and numbered

Rabbit (cabinet edition)